Air Bearings Ltd Case Study

Since launching in 1993, Air Bearings Ltd has hung its hat on delivering an unrivalled product and service, which has always relied on maintaining an exceptional team of experts.

Changing from a family business to a large multinational company has required an intense and far-reaching change programme, affecting every corner of the business – most importantly, our people. We knew that to grow successfully we had to continue to get the absolute best out of our team, which required expert help from a commercially savvy and people-centric HR company…

As part of a major cost-reduction exercise, Streetwise HR were contracted in 2015 to take over our entire HR function, consisting of one full-time HR Manager and one full-time HR Advisor. After an extensive evaluation of our business and its needs, Streetwise proposed a bespoke package of both onsite and remote support, which resulted in a huge cost saving for the initial year of £70,160 (82%) compared to our previous in-house HR function.

Alongside the significant cost reduction, there have been many more benefits in using outsourced HR. Streetwise HR specialises in providing value-adding procedures and have been able to implement intelligent and bespoke solutions that have benefited our business hugely. These include introducing employee self-service holiday booking, coaching managers in staff performance reviews and handling staff disputes.

Furthermore, as part of our growth, Air Bearings Ltd has been through a rapid staff reduction programme, which has been fully managed and led by Streetwise HR. Considering the sensitivity of the change, it was fantastic to see it carried out in a balanced, considered and supportive way with the employees affected.

Our most valuable asset has always been our team, and with Streetwise HR on board we’re planning to introduce a staff appraisal system to set objectives and targets, monitor performance and motivate. We know that with their commercial know-how, Streetwise HR will continue to play a huge role in not only our company’s evolution and success, but also the happiness and enthusiasm of our valued staff.

There’s no doubt that I would recommend enlisting the help of Streetwise HR to improve all aspects of staff support.

Gary Durrant, Supply Chain Director

Air Bearings Ltd has been offering affordable and reliable air bearing solutions for over 23 years. Working from a purpose-built factory in the UK, ABL’s team of dedicated engineers and skilled machinists design, manufacture and build quality products for customers the world over.

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