Creative Party Case Study

Based in sunny Bournemouth, Creative Party is a family-run business, and is also one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of all things party, not to mention a leading player in cake decorations for the home baker!

Founded back in 1953, it now distributes nationally and internationally to the retail, wholesale and B2B trades, and it seems the growth is set to continue. Creative Party brought on board their current CEO in 2007, and since then there’s been a huge focus on development, with the introduction of new products, new staff and new systems and processes.

As a family-run business, their HR needs fluctuated constantly, which is why they avoided the one-size-fits-all offering of mainstream HR agencies. Instead, they struck gold with Streetwise HR, who got a kick out of meeting their needs… no matter how sporadic they were!

Creative Party originally took on Streetwise in 2010 to help with ad hoc employee relations issues, but as the business grew, their needs developed. Over the seven years, Streetwise HR has made it their mission to understand the business – and its employees – inside out. This has resulted in a highly impactful service that has benefited the business at every level. Now considered as an off-site extension of the Senior Management team, Streetwise HR has helped create watertight contracts, staff handbooks and job descriptions, and is currently working on its ‘people strategy’ to help the business grow whilst retaining its ‘family-run’ culture.

“Choosing loyal friends, Streetwise HR, to lead this project was a no-brainer. Because of their efforts to understand the business so thoroughly, they’ve left no stone unturned, from the people and resources, to how the business operates and the business vision.” Says Mike Forder, CEO.
“The best thing about Streetwise HR is their straight-talking approach; we trust them to simply ‘tell it how it is’, and we know that no matter what decision needs to be made they will be there to support and advise. In business, this honest, candid way of working is a breath of fresh air, and it definitely gets things done quicker and better!”

2018 will be the year that Creative Party will be building on their foundations and sowing the seeds for the next phase of growth – wanting to design more of their own products and ultimately become niche suppliers and a bigger player in the market. Creative Party knows that Streetwise HR will be indispensable in helping them achieve growth and is looking forward to continuing to develop the HR Strategy with the Streetwise HR team!

Mike Forder
Creative Party

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