Christmas 2020 HR advice

Don’t lose the Christmas Spirit this year!

If the Christmas period fills you with trepidation this year, you’re not alone. As HR experts, we have never before seen the festive period pose such uncertainty for businesses and individuals alike.

It’s safe to say the office Christmas party will be dramatically different this year but that doesn’t mean it has to be non-existent. Obviously, the usual boozy knees-up is out of the picture and we’re pretty sure there won’t be much kissing under the mistletoe. Secret Santa? Only if he’s wearing a mask.

As the business owner, it’s up to you to make your staff feel appreciated, even if COVID-19 is piling on the pressure.

How to give your employees a happy Christmas

First thing’s first: you need to make sure your home workers don’t miss out on any festive treats. Working from home has its perks but feeling included isn’t one of them. Let them know you’re thinking of them by sending advent calendars or even a selection of miniature drinks for an online get-together.

If you are arranging to do online get-togethers outside of working hours, make sure you’ve thought of everyone’s situations. That Friday evening online quiz at 6.30pm may suit some, but it’s the witching hour for those with young children!

The most important thing is to remain completely transparent about what’s going on. If you’re not celebrating Christmas this year, tell your staff. If you’re only celebrating it half-heartedly, tell your staff. If you’re burying your head in the sand, you guessed it, tell your staff. You may have been through hell, but so have they and they deserve to know where they stand.

Keep your staff in the festive loop

So, have a think about what you’re doing differently this year, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Do they normally receive a Christmas bonus which won’t happen this year? What about gifting holiday days for a Christmas closure? Believe us, your staff will respect you a whole lot more if you keep them in the loop.

Whatever you do and however you do it, make sure both your home workers and office workers feel appreciated and cared for. Staff morale has never been so important, so let’s do whatever we can to lead your team into 2021 with their heads held high.

In need of some HR advice?

If you’d like to chat about surviving the festive period during a pandemic, get in touch with the Streetwise HR team today on 0800 682 7488 for expert HR advice and support.

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