Entrepreneurs… Why you should be outsourcing your HR.

Bring in new skills and innovation

There’s a reason our entire business is dedicated to all things HR – it’s because we’re absolutely passionate about it. And when you’re passionate about something, you want to be the very best you can be at it. So, our skills are wide-ranging, all encompassing, and laced with a passion for innovation – which is exactly what you inherit when you outsource your HR with us.

Gain greater HR expertise

Employing in-house HR staff is as risky as it is costly. You quite rightly want someone with as much expertise and experience as possible, but this can come at a premium. Settling with less experience for a cheaper salary means your business won’t benefit from the true potential of HR, which, when done well, can turn businesses into profit-making, employee-satisfying, competition-blasting machines.  Plus, your outsourced HR team will always put your business’ needs first, which can be difficult for employees.

Allow HR to put more emphasis on business strategy

It’s a myth that HR is just about managing people – it’s also about supporting and refining business strategy. HR is the only function that touches every aspect of your business and its people, which means it knows the dynamics and workings of your company more than anyone else, and is best placed to ensure it is working efficiently and strategically towards success.

Make up for lack of in-house expertise

If you do have an HR function but it just doesn’t cut the mustard, outsourcing the important bits can more than make up for the lack of in-house expertise. Whilst your HR employees can sort out the day-to-day people management, we can help you overcome the toughest of challenges, hard decisions and more senior HR activities. Additionally, your current team will benefit hugely by working with different levels of experience, and we always do what we can to develop their expertise and confidence.

Streamline your HR functions

A successful business is streamlined from the inside out. Which means every facet runs smoothly and for the ultimate benefit of the business’ goals. By outsourcing your HR, you can streamline one of the most important functions in the survival and success of your business. And when your HR is flawless, it can then set about making the rest of the business flawless.

Allow you to focus on what you do best

You set out to be an entrepreneur for a reason – you wanted to innovate and change people’s lives. The day-to-day running of the business, i.e. the systems and processes, management, training and payroll just doesn’t get you excited. By outsourcing your HR, you can leave all the company mechanics to us, allowing you time to focus on what you do best and what you enjoy the most – building the business.

Reduce cost to the business

There’s no doubt whatsoever that the cost of outsourcing your HR is far lower than having an in-house function. Overheads are reduced and operating expenses slashed, but with no detriment to the quality of HR you receive. In fact, outsourcing your HR brings with it more expertise, more experience and more energy.

Have a comfort blanket

We’re sure you’ll agree that being an entrepreneur is sometimes lonely and stressful. There are so many difficult decisions, so much red tape and so many mountains to climb. By outsourcing your HR, you have a constant shoulder to lean on, especially when difficult issues arise, not to mention someone to tell you ‘it’s not you’ – which is sometimes the only thing you need to hear.

Highly engaged employees who know the ‘boss’ cares

There’s a lot to be said for a company who takes their HR needs seriously.

Everybody knows that investing in HR means investing in people, so bringing in outsourced experts is a surefire way to send the message that you care.

And last but by no means least…

Working with entrepreneurs invariably means meeting big personalities that enjoy a good office social. Snap! We’re a team of awesome personalities and can let our hair down with the best of them. For us, providing great HR and working well with our clients means enjoying their company on all levels.

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