Urban Guild

For these gorgeous people, life is all about good food, tasty ale and hugs. Yep, you heard right; they’re frequently seen giving out cuddles and even have a Hug Club, allowing them to show their customers just how much they love them. With four venues to their name and even their own Urban Farm, they’re quickly becoming the heart of the South Coast.


Whether our call is ‘Debbie we’ve found a new awesome hospitality legend, please help us secure them quickly’ or ‘Debbie, I think we’ve employed a bunny boiler and we’ve had to lock ourselves in the office, please send help’ we can rely on ice cool and calm HR super hero Debbie doing just what we need super fast and super professionally. Debbie is both lovely and awesome all rolled up into one epic package of HR deliciousness. Engage her now before she’s too busy!


– Mark Cribb

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