Streetwise HR is 6!

We’re very excited to announce that Streetwise is 6 years old this month!

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How it all began


For us, the sentiment ‘My, haven’t you grown!’ couldn’t be truer. We launched six years ago, with not much more than a laptop, a pen and the determination to succeed. Since then, the business hasn’t just grown in size, it’s evolved too. And, whilst the journey hasn’t exactly been smooth, it’s been a fascinating learning curve that has brought us to where we are today – happy, confident HR gurus for the best and brightest entrepreneurs!

As with all start-ups, the first few years were peppered with growing pains, not least the decision to grow the business and bring in more staff. Having been ‘just’ Managing Director, Debbie, and her trusty sidekick, Becky, the pair invited non-exec and mentor, Laura McHarrie, to help create the vision for the business.

Making the decision to grow


Debbie says, “As soon as I made the decision to grow, the pains came – I guess the struggle of losing control and allowing other people to take an active role was really difficult, and that came with lots of challenges. I had to learn that I couldn’t control everything despite wanting to! For some reason, growing the team from 2 to 5 threw up lots of challenges: How were we going to operate? Where from? What systems should we use? Communication became a real challenge, and everything felt really disjointed. Having a non-exec meant I had someone to bounce these thoughts, ideas and doubts around with.”

Despite these challenges, it was clear we were ready to grow. So, through good old-fashioned hard work, as well as bucket loads of fun, the business evolved into an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking company – run by an MD with exactly that mindset.

Debbie says, “When I started the business I knew I could do HR and therefore could help other businesses, but I didn’t feel like an entrepreneur or act like one. I think over the last 18 months I’ve become more confident and now know I have the entrepreneurial head to take the business to the next level.”

Becoming who we are today…


There have been several ‘pivot points’ to our journey that have made us who we are today.

Firstly, clearly defining the business’ growth plans and ‘vision’ has been vital to our growth. It has allowed us to map out where we want to be and has enabled Debbie to sell that vision to the team.

Secondly, the decision to move to communal offices and surround ourselves with likeminded people has been invaluable. The environment empowers us every day and is also a big hit with our entrepreneurial clients!

Thirdly, the realisation that networking doesn’t have to be a chore has given us the enthusiasm to ‘get out there’ in a big way. Once you’re confident with who you are and what you do, meeting new businesses and professionals becomes a joy. Gone are the days when we tentatively watched from the sidelines. These days we relish the opportunities that networking affords us.

The journey continues…


Having experienced such exciting growth, we’re about to recruit our seventh member of staff to help us grow even further. And thanks to our great network of fellow professionals, businesses and friends, we’ve had loads of support in sharing this news.

We are also looking for another HR Geek to join as an apprentice. If you’re keen to become part of the Streetwise HR team or know a savvy go-getter who would thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, get in touch!

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