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Top 10 reasons you should outsource your HR

Now more than ever, HR has been shown to be invaluable to businesses. Despite this, HR teams have also been impacted by the effects of Covid-19 and have had to reduce or reevaluate.

We are all on the road to recovery, albeit to different degrees, and one thing we can all agree on is that without our people onboard and working with us, the chance of a full recovery will be slim-to-none.

So, now’s a good time to look at how you can ensure your employees are engaged, onboard and supported to make sure your business is the same. Now might not be the time to hire a dedicated HR support or put this added pressure onto your current employees, so outsourcing seems like the natural next step. But what are the benefits of an outsourced HR solution? Well, let us give you an insight…

Streamlined HR function

A successful business is streamlined from the inside out which means every facet runs smoothly and working for the ultimate benefit of the business’ goals. By outsourcing your HR, you can streamline one of the most important functions in the survival and success of your business. And when your HR is flawless, it can then set about making the rest of the business flawless too.

Reduced cost to the business

Cost is everything right now and there’s no doubt whatsoever that the cost of outsourcing your HR is far lower than having an in-house function. Overheads are reduced and operating expenses slashed, but with no detriment to the quality of the HR support and advice you receive.

Another benefit is that the cost can ebb and flow with your business, within reason of course! Got some heavy HR projects coming up? We can sort that for you over a few months. Or do you just need the day-to-day taken care of? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Had a bunch of legal documents land on your desk? Call us and we’ll give you a quote or even include sorting it all out in your current package.

Gain greater HR expertise

Outsourcing HR brings with it more expertise and experience than you’re likely to get with in-house hiring, helping you deal with not only the day-to-day management but also the toughest of challenges, hard decisions and more senior HR activities.

Deciding to recruit but then settling for less experience in order to pay a lower salary means your business won’t benefit from the true potential of HR. Our Streetwise Guru’s give you not only the expertise you need, but will in turn enable your current team, be it in-house HR or management, to be developed by working with HR professionals of different experience and knowledge levels.

With us you get a virtual team with a combination of over 50 years’ experience in HR, no holiday absences as there’s always someone to cover, current and up-to-date HR knowledge with a view over many different businesses and ways of working to compliment your own.

Bring in new skills and innovation

There’s a reason our entire business is dedicated to all things HR – it’s because we’re absolutely passionate about it. And when you’re passionate about something, you want to be the very best you can be. So, our skills are wide-ranging, all encompassing, and laced with a passion for innovation – which is exactly what you inherit when you outsource your HR with us.

Focus on what you do best

You set out to be a business owner for a reason – you wanted to innovate and change people’s lives. The day-to-day running of the business, i.e. the systems and processes, management, training and payroll just doesn’t get you excited. Luckily for you, we are HR-nerds and here lies our passion.

By outsourcing your HR, you can leave all the company mechanics to us, allowing you time to focus on what you do best and what you enjoy doing the most – building your business.

A commercially focused approach

Being an outsourced HR function allows us to take a step back and have a much more balanced approach between the employee and the business needs. This can be difficult to do when your HR is in-house as they will also be an employee and every decision can affect them personally as well. At Streetwise HR, commerciality is at the heart of everything we do so you can ensure what you want to happen is what happens.

Allow HR to put more emphasis on business strategy

It’s a myth that HR is just about managing people – it’s also about supporting and refining business strategy. HR is the only function that touches every aspect of your business and its people, which means it knows the dynamics and workings of your company more than anyone else. We pride ourselves on getting ‘under the hood’ for our clients, so that we are best placed to ensure your HR is working efficiently and strategically towards success.

Highly engaged employees who know the ‘boss’ cares

There’s a lot to be said for a company who takes their HR needs seriously.
Everybody knows that investing in HR means investing in people, so bringing in outsourced experts is a surefire way to send the message that you care. Try it, you’ll soon feel the love in return.

Have a comfort blanket

We’re sure you’ll agree that being a business owner is sometimes lonely and stressful. There are so many difficult decisions, so much red tape and so many mountains to climb. By outsourcing your HR, you have a constant, impartial shoulder to lean on, especially when difficult issues arise, including someone to simply remind you, ‘it’s not you’!

HR Gurus are people too

Working with entrepreneurs invariably means meeting big personalities that enjoy a good office social. Snap! We’re a team of awesome personalities and can let our hair down with the best of them. For us, providing great HR and working well with our clients means enjoying their company on all levels.

If you would like to know more about how we can support you and your HR needs, just give us a call at Streetwise HR 0844 682 7488.

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